Next generation tumblr™ Forensic software for social media evidence & eDiscovery investigations

Streamline social media evidence collection & analysis

Save time, reduce complexity, save money, and secure Best Evidence in a few clicks


Account Clone

Automatically download tumblr™ blog content, including profile details, likes, chat logs, text records and uploaded media files. Preserve eDiscovery content in secure and verifiable evidential form.


Account IP Request / Suspension

Single click function for lawful request of tumblr™ account information, such as IP address and regstration details, or to arrange immediate suspension of abusive/illegal blog content.


Data Mining

Instantly parse thousands of tumblr™ posts, tags, likes, videos, and chat logs for specific terms or usernames - drill down from hundreds of results to highlight specific material of interest.


Comprehensive Expert Reports

Powerful and flexible capability to produce clear eDiscovery expert reports and evidence packages. Audit logs and evidence packages created to permit independant verification and satisfy court requirements.